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Inpatient Rehab
An inpatient rehab is a drug rehab facility where the clients actually reside at the facility for the duration of their treatment programs. This could be for a few days for a withdrawal program, a few days for the shorter programs or 28 day 12 step types of drug rehab. It all depends on the extent and types of services being provided by that particular inpatient rehab. Our drug rehab is an inpatient rehab. Further we are classified as a non-traditional and long term inpatient rehab. Long term can be a bit confusing. At Our drug rehab we operate off of results obtained and not time spent. We are interested in rehabilitation for the individual that last a lifetime. An average of time spent on our program would be 90-120 days. Some take less and some take more, but the ruling viewpoint is as long as it takes to get results for that particular addict or alcoholic.

12 Steps Programs and Addiction

12 Steps ProgramsCan 12 steps programs change the life of an addict who has been suffering from addiction for more than a decade? YES, it can given the addict have a willingness to change and get clean and sober. Addiction is a hard addiction to recover from but given the addict wants help and finds the proper 12 steps programs life can be restored and addiction can be a thing of the past.

Alcohol And Drug Treatment and Drug And Alcohol Problems

Alcohol And Drug TreatmentMy sons father suffers from drug and alcohol problems and I don't want my son around him until he gets help through an alcohol and drug treatment center. I fear that he will abuse my child or even worse while he is high. Drug and alcohol problems I've heard makes people act violent, is this true? How can I make sure my ex gets help through an alcohol and drug treatment center and be sure he is actually cured from this horrible fate he has found himself in?


Treatments For Alcohol

How many different types of treatments for alcohol are there? I need help choosing the best type for me.


What kind of effects does alcohol have on the liver? I think my fathers life is in danger because of his drinking and I don't know what to do. Please help us.

Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment

I need an alcohol withdrawal treatment that will work for my daughter who is in pain. How can I help her to get past this horrible time?

Meth Addiction Signs

What are meth addiction signs and how do I learn to recognize them? I think my boyfriend is using but, I don't know what signs to look for.

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

My brother needs help how can I find prescription drug abuse treatment for him?